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  • Search Marketing

    Our search marketing strategies are results driven. We provide conversion-oriented Search Marketing services that include: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Social advertising and Ads Re-marketing.

    Our goal is to deliver results and ensure that our clients achieve their business objectives and most importantly a high return on investment ROI.

  • Website Optimization

    You landed on this page because you looked up "SEO Toronto" on Google. It is a no brainer, we know our art and we understand how important it is for your business website to rank top on search engine result pages SERPs. That is why we at WebcarpenterSEO will work together with you to optimize your website with effective SEO strategies.

    You can't go wrong with Toronto's favorite SEO company.

  • Website Design

    A content rich, mobile friendly, clean design, clarity, functional, user-friendly and optimized website is very hard to come by these days because most of the websites are designed in a rush.

    We will provide with a 100% fully functional and optimized website that would create a good user experience for your site visitors, boost your site SEO, and eventually earn their trust .

  • SEO for Toronto Business Owners
    SEO for Toronto Business Owners

    Grow Your Business With effective SEO

    These days businesses in Toronto leverage search engine platforms to promote their products and services, especially those who sell their products or services online. 

    You may wonder why? Well, think about it. In this day and age, how do you go about finding information? The Internet right? 90% of the time, people use Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc to find information online.

    Search Engines has become the most common and effective method people use nowadays to perform searches online.
    Whether you are looking to buy a product, seeking information about a product review, services or educational material
    Google is always our go-to. And we most often than not tend to click the first, second or third website in the search result. 

  •  Website Optimization Boost Traffic
    Website Optimization Boost Traffic

    Website on the first page of SERPs receive 70% of the organic traffic

    Most of the sites you see on the front pages of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) have been optimized by implementing effective SEO strategies, otherwise you will not find them on the first pages.

    If you want prospective clients to find your business online, then you need to optimize your website for your niche keywords. 

    In other words, you need to build a successful SEO campaign that will attract your target audience or qualified leads, thus, increase your conversion rates and potentially grow your business.

  • SEO Analysis | Audit In Toronto
    SEO Analysis | Audit In Toronto

    Analyze Your Website SEO

    Before you initiate an SEO campaign for your website, we recommend to first perform an SEO audit of your site.

    Why are you auditing? To simply check your website’s health as well as the SEO health or Status of your website i.e. your website’s position on search engine result pages SERPs.

    What are you auditing? There are many factors to audit. For example, the technical SEO of your website, the backlink profile of your website, and the backend component of your website. All of these need to be checked. You may even go as far as auditing your competitors, too, if their website is performing better than yours.

    Some of these factors are critical to your website’s online visibility and user experience. Hence, why auditing is the first step you take before starting an SEO campaign for your website.

  • Local SEO Search
    Local SEO Search

    Local Search Optimization for Toronto Business Owners

    Apart from advertising your business to the public, when it comes to SEO, there is also an immense advantage optimizing your website for local searches in Toronto.


    What does local SEO search mean?


    It means registering and verifying your business on Google My Business page or GMB. What is GMB? It is a system whereby Google shows verified businesses on the "Google Map Pack" essentially, to connect searchers to business services and products nearby.


    As GMB is getting more recognition and thus becoming more rewarding among Torontonians, it is imperative for your business to have a GMB listing.


    Now here is the caveat, mere listing your business on GMB doesn't mean your GMB page will show up first in the search results. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes to play. Only if your GMB page is optimized for that "search query"  will it show up among the top three search results.


    To this end, hiring a local SEO specialist in Toronto cannot be overemphasized. Their job is to make your business visible to those who need it around your locality or service areas.

    For instance, As you know Toronto is a big city; if your business is located in Mississauga and you service the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA). By default, your GMB listing will show up within the radius of Mississauga vicinity.  However, if your GMB listing is optimized for Local SEO search by an effective SEO Company in Toronto such as Webcarpenter. Your GMB listing will show up in the top three local search results.

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    Technical SEO

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    Off Page SEO

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    Keywords Research

  • +1000

    Competitor Analysis

SEO strategies that boost exposure and sales

Results driven SEO Company

When it comes to improving a website's ranking on search engine platforms such as Google. There are many SEO tactics you can use to achieve that. That being said, some strategies can get your website penalized by Google.

What then is a good SEO strategy? Well, whatever Google has specified on their website as best practices regarding SEO, and whatever doesn’t go against Google's quality guidelines.

How WebcarpenterSEO works to improve your website ranking using Google best practices.

✔️ We seek to understand your business first.
✔️ We analyze your target audience to understand their needs.
✔️ We research and analyze keywords related to your business
✔️ We perform a technical, on-page and search audit on your website and competitors website
✔️ We analyze your website and competitors backlink profile
✔️ We formulate an SEO strategy to improve your website ranking. 
✔️ We roll out the strategies gradually.
✔️ We monitor your keyword performance on Google

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Pricing Plan

Affordable SEO Company in Toronto

We pricing plans cut across all budgets. We don't charge an arm and leg to improve your keyword performance on Google search results. If you don't have money, let us know - we are here to help.
  • Walk
    Per Month

    1 page SEO
    1 Keyword
    Search Console audit
    4 articles in a month
    Google Analytics Setup
    Google My Business Setup

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  • Run
    Per Month

    5-10 pages SEO
    3-5 keywords
    Technical SEO
    8 articles in a month
    Website Speed Optimisation
    Everything in "WALK" + Comprehensive SEO
    Good for medium competitive keywords

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  • Fly
    Per Month

    10 + pages SEO
    10 + keywords
    Technical SEO
    10+ articles in a month
    Website Speed Optimisation
    Everything in "RUN" + Comprehensive SEO
    Good for high competitive keywords

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