Who We Are

defining quality of a good and successful business is its ability to pull
clients and customers, making them gravitate towards it.  Usually, this is why most businesses fail and
seem not to be doing as well as they should. The connecting factor is extremely

is where we come in. here in Toronto; we are the leading SEO firm. We optimize
websites for business owners and individuals, so that their websites rank high
in Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Bottom line, we will make your
clients find you.


over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have a high success rate and
track record. This is as a result of our ability to boost website’s traffic and
sales through effective SEO strategies. With great views, comes great
patronage. Our firm is your best bet.


and beyond just working, we aim to have a connection with your business and
provide a 100% fully functional optimized website that would create a good and
user friendly experience to your site visitors. Our job is to help you convert
visitors to clients and give you as much traffic as you can get.


possess an elite and experienced team fully dedicated to your business – our
team is trained to be focused, result driven and goal oriented. When it comes
to marketing your business page and giving you a strategic and dominant online
presence, we are Toronto’s go-to.

Meet the SEO Avengers

Tina Brian

Tina Brian | Content Gladiator

I will be your content gladiator

I am an expert copywriter, professionally trained editor, and public relations coordinator.

I specialize in writing articles, website content, captions, product descriptions, press releases, sales copy, just to mention a few.

Throughout the years of my career as a writer, i have successfully helped websites and blogs rank on search engine platforms.

Todd Stewart

Todd Stewart | SEO Psychologist

I will audit, optimize, and rank your website

I have over 10 years of experience in SEO. I have helped more than 500 businesses succeed online through the implementation of SEO strategies.

One of my core strength is  the ability to analyze a website to understand why it isn’t performing well on search engine platforms.

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George | Website Designer

I will design modern and intuitive website for you

I am a developer and designer with over 11 years of experience in designing all types of websites of all types.

I have an eye for design and i can confidently say that I Am extremmely passionate about it.

If you want quality touch and efficient website structure then you have come to the right place.