Best Blog Sites For Guest blogging

Best Blog Sites For Guest blogging

Best Blog Sites For Guest blogging. Guest blogging is still one of the best ways to get quality backlinks to your website. The reason for that is simple: you’re providing quality content in exchange for a link back to your own site or to a third-party site.

Essentially, if you are going to utilize this method of link building, you certainly have to ensure that whatever you are providing is valuable content, so that it is beneficial to both parties. As a matter of fact, some blog sites accept only articles they deem very relevant and meets their requirements. Writing a guest post for somebody else’s blog may be a bit different from writing for your very own blog, however, some blogs, allow you to write in your own style without following their writing guidelines.

Be that as it may, in other for your link building campaign to be successful, you need to approach blog sites that are involved in the same industry and have the exact same audience as you. But why?  Well, wouldn’t you like to pull quality traffic to your own site? Absolutely! Otherwise, it will be a waste of time, energy, and resources guesting posting on a health-related blog site if your website’s theme is SEO Toronto. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the host site’s backlink profile is natural and clean. You want to avoid blog sites that have spammy backlinks — which will do your site more harm than good.

Contextual backlinks (outbound links from an of anchor text) are mostly the type of backlink you will get from guest posting —  an effective way to boost your rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). It is highly recommended to distribute your anchor text naturally on the content of the host’s blog —  so you are not penalized by Google for over-optimization. Moz has a comprehensive guide to anchor text distribution.

Like I made mention earlier, every blog site has their own guidelines and rules, some sites might tell you to make your anchor text “nofollow” meaning no link juice will pass to your site nor will you get any power to your domain authority (DA), which sought of defeats the main objective (to boost your website ranking), though not entirely 100%, at least you still have the opportunity to send traffic to your website.

We have compiled below a list of the best blogging sites for guest blogging 2017.  Please, feel free to suggest any other website you think should be part of the list.


Best Blog Sites For Guest blogging

TECH (Domain authority: 29) (Domain authority: 61) (Domain authority: 48) (Domain authority: 88) (Domain authority: 45) (Domain authority: 39) (Domain authority: 91)


SEO (Domain authority: 93) (Domain authority: 65) (Domain authority: 56) (Domain authority: 58) (Domain authority: 37) (Domain authority: 51) (Domain authority: 40)


FAMILY (Domain authority: 50) (Domain authority: 52) (Domain authority: 45) (Domain authority: 38) (Domain authority: 66) (Domain authority: 44) (Domain authority: 60) (Domain authority: 72)


HEALTH (Domain authority: 80) (Domain authority: 46) (Domain authority: 51) (Domain authority: 37) (Domain authority: 33) (Domain authority: 80) (Domain authority: 86) (Domain authority: 39) (Domain authority: 54)


MARKETING (Domain authority: 79) (Domain authority: 90) (Domain authority: 69) (Domain authority: 69) (Domain authority: 75) (Domain authority: 91) (Domain authority: 83)


TRAVEL (Domain authority: 48) (Domain authority: 25) (Domain authority: 33) (Domain authority: 40) (Domain authority: 80) (Domain authority: 41) (Domain authority: 31) (Domain authority: 42)


FASHION (Domain authority: 64) (Domain authority: 34) (Domain authority: 59) (Domain authority: 59) (Domain authority: 55) (Domain authority: 75)


SPORT (Domain authority: 44) (Domain authority: 32) (Domain authority: 24) (Domain authority: 35) (Domain authority: 39) (Domain authority: 32) (Domain authority: 49) (Domain authority: 29) (Domain authority: 41) (Domain authority: 49)


FOOD (Domain authority: 38) (Domain authority: 46) (Domain authority: 37) (Domain authority: 51) (Domain authority: 54)


GAMING (Domain authority: 48) (Domain authority: 32) (Domain authority: 75) (Domain authority: 27) (Domain authority: 43) (Domain authority: 81)


GENERAL NICHE  (Domain authority: 15)

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