On page SEO versus off page SEO which one has more power?


On page seo vs off page seo, which has more power? A very interesting debate amongst SEO specialists, However, before dwelling on that, I will like to tell a little story. Back in the year 2000, It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if it cannot be found on search engine result pages (SERP). What makes a great website these days is definitely not aesthetics. I remember back in 2005 when I started designing websites, most of my clients were only concerned about the “look and feel” of the website, it has to be visually appealing to grab their interest. Not until recently, only a handful of client cared about optimizing their website for search engine visibility.

Nowadays client’s will pay thousands of dollars for months (depending on the contract) to get their website optimized for search engines, solely because they want to be in front of the target audience, consequently driving the organic traffic to their website.

To rank a website takes a lot of effort, This is where the On-page and Off-page SEO comes into play. The activities that are done on the web page to increase its visibility online can be termed as On-page SEO, on the other hand, the activities that are done outside the web page to increase its visibility can be termed as off-page SEO. They both play an important role in optimizing a website. There is a debate over which optimization is more powerful. Anyway, Let’s see how they both influence a website’s visibility (ranking).

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On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO

The truth is, you will not get much benefit from your website unless you take your time and effort to write a high-quality content, building valuable and relevant links to your website. In other words, you have to do both to successfully rank your website on search engines. Bear in mind that, if you do on-page SEO without doing off-page SEO on a website, the website might rank but won’t be in a better position, similarly if you do off-page SEO without on-page SEO on a website, you might get the same results. Search engines like Google take many factors into consideration before ranking a website. If you score higher than your competitors in your SEO efforts, you will rank higher.  Maybe my next post would be about Search Engine Factors. 

On page SEO Where to focus?


Write high-quality content for your target audience. Always remember in the realm of SEO, “contents is king“. The content should be compelling, it should be relevant to your niche, and it should be aimed to solve specific problems for your target audience. Write content that your target audience can relate to and search engines will definitely reward you for doing so.


When a phrase is searched, the search engine determines the intention behind the search. If you want your page to be included in search results, Use keywords that define your website niche and purpose. Keyword research is an important part of both On-page and Off-page SEO.

Titles & Meta 

The Titles and Meta description is what we often see when search engines display search results.  Placing keywords in titles of your pages will increase your website’s  visibility because algorithms often check this to know what your website is all about. The title and meta aren’t only for the bots (algorithms). It also enables humans to know what your website is all about.


Optimizing a website page speed also help to increase the website’s visibility, your website loading time has to be fast. Other factors like sitemaps, SSL, H1, H2, H3 headings, alt-tagging images etc also help to rank a website.



OFF Page SEO Where to focus?

Unlike on page SEO, off page SEO refers to activities that you can do outside a website to increase its visibility (ranking on search engine result) i.e. social media marketing, link building, social media engagement, social bookmarking (social signals),  Press releases, Guest posting, content syndication (Web 2.0) and Citations. All of these activities help so much in ranking a website. As a matter of fact, Google will find a website who has backlinks from high domain authority credible and worthy. Thus, link building is a strategic part of SEO.


That is why the proponent of Off-page SEO see off-page SEO to be more powerful than on-page SEO.

When a website has many mentions and references online, then the domain authority of that site starts to go higher and as it goes higher the visibility also increases.


After the explanation above (I hope I did justice to it), which would you say has more power? On page seo vs off page seo?

In my own opinion, On-page, SEO is as important as Off page SEO, they are both important aspects of digital marketing. In other to get the best out of your SEO campaign, ensure that you apply both strategies to your website or web pages. As professionals in the SEO business, we are ever looking forward to assisting businesses in developing SEO campaign or strategy. Please contacts us today if you need help with your SEO campaign.

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