Step By Step Guide To Creating A Facebook Ad

Since advertisers are presented with so many different options to tailor their advertising campaigns, naturally, creating a Facebook ad can be quite daunting. It requires a meticulous attention — one little mistake can mess up your whole campaign. That being said,  we’ve prepared a comprehensive step by step guide to creating a Facebook ad  — with the aim of increasing the efficiency of your Facebook advertising — social media marketing .

Step by step guide to creating a Facebook Ad

Let’s begin!

Step 1: setting up an account

Even if you already have a regular account on Facebook, you’re going to have to setup your ad account if you haven’t done so already. This can be done in the Facebook Ads manager. You can get to the ads manager in different ways i.e. type ads manager in the search field and it will return ads manager app, scroll all the way down to the bottom left corner of Facebook home page.

First option

account setting

Second option

ad manager search

Once you’re there, click on the “Account settings” link located in the top section of the screen.


After that is done, enter t your full name and address and other necessary information.

account name

You can also appoint another person to help you manage your campaigns. If this is the case, click on the  “Add people” option. You can also be quite specific about it and assign the exact number of account management rights you’d like for that person to have.  In order to do that, make sure to enter their full name and their email address and click “Confirm”.

Enter as much information as possible in the account setup section. Once done hit “Save changes” button. 

After that is taken cared of, you need to enter a billing method, otherwise your ads won’t run. To do that, open up the “Payment settings” tab, then enter the payment details you would like to add.

payment settings

You can pay by:

– PayPal
– Credit card
– Online banking

After setting up your payment method, there’s nothing left to do apart from determining the audience you’d like for your ad to reach

Step 2: campaign – choosing your marketing objectives

It is important to choose your marketing objective carefully. This require a meticulous attention to details, one little mistake can ruin the success of the campaign. Thus, ensure you know what you want to achieve with your Facebook marketing campaign. There are 14 marketing objectives in total, determine which one suits your objective and build your campaign around it.

Step 3: choosing your audience

Putting all the technical details aside, during this phase of Facebook ad creation , it’s important to take all the time you need in order to determine the best possible target audience for your campaign, placement and budget. Making the right decisions will lead to a successful campaign with a high return on investment, so it’s imperative to make this right. For example, it doesn’t make any sense to try to sell golf club membership to someone who’s not into golf in the first place. The more specific you can be when narrowing down their interests, the better.

The Audience Insights tool, specifically, will help you do that quite well. First, go there, then input the “seed audience” based on various different variables like age, interests, etc. Let’s say you’re trying to sell running shoes. In this case, specifically targeting the people who have selected “Runner’s World” as one of their interests would be beneficial to your campaign.

audience insight tool

After configuring your audience, click on save tab, enter audience name and hit the save button.

save your audience

After saving your audience, the next thing you want to do is click on the create ad button

Step By Step Guide To Creating A Facebook Ad 1

Boosting a post is the quickest way to launch a campaign, however, it’s also the least effective. Instead, learn to use the Power Editor; while it may take some time to learn its nuances, it’s also one of the most rewarding and powerful advertising tools at your disposal. The Ads Create tool is the middle ground, and it’s what we’re going to be focusing on today.


Step 3: setting up the campaign

Now let’s setup your first campaign!

First, click “Create an ad” in the top-right corner of the page assuming you are on the audience insights page (see the above image). The screen that pops up will have quite a lot of options to choose from (don’t be overwhelmed by this) just pick the one that best describes the overall objective of your campaign.

marketing objective

Now here’s the good news: Facebook is geared to picking the most cost-effective option for you whenever possible, so you don’t have to worry. Select your objective, enter campaign name and click on set up ad account. In this case, i chose traffic as you can see below because my objective is to drive traffic to my website with a social media campaign

set up ad account

Fill out the information as much as you can on each page section ( ad account, ad set and ad). For example, gender, age, language, location of your target audience, daily or a lifetime budget. If you want to, you can even set a date when you want the campaign to start and end. There are other advanced options available during this step, but if you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick to the ones offered by default (automatic bidding and website conversions).

To make for an even more targeted selection, input one of the interests you’ve discovered before in the audience insights section. As you click on each section and enter the necessary information, there will be check marks —  indicating that, it is completed as shown below.

Step By Step Guide To Creating A Facebook Ad 2

Step 4: creating your ads

During this step, you’re going to have to decide whether you want to use an image or a video in your ad, which we suggest you do, since it’s going to boost your click-through rate. If you’re promoting multiple products at once, you may even want to consider going with a slideshow.


Now it’s time to enter the text you want to show. Think carefully what you’re about to write, since you need to make every word count – remember that the attention span of your prospects is limited! Optimize the headline and the text section with your niche keywords,this is where you want to present your proposition. Finally choose your call-to-action wisely.

Tips: make sure that your ad copy is relevant to the landing page you are sending your targeted audience too.

creating your ad

After you’ve finished designing your ad, make sure that everything is in order by double-checking it in the ad preview window. At this point, feel free to remove any ad placements you don’t want to use.

Caution: if your website isn’t optimized for mobile traffic, make sure to avoid targeting it!

Step 4: Facebook Pixel

This is one area where many people tend to ignore or perhaps don’t know how to go about it. I must admit, installing the Facebook pixel requires some technical skills, especially if you have to install the code on your website. However, this is a key aspect of Facebook marketing, in the sense that, it can help you track conversions from Facebook (return of your investment ROI). Furthermore, it can also help you in the following ways : optimize your ads based on data collected, build targeted audiences for future ads, and re-market your ad to potential leads—people who have visited your website and taken some kind of action.

To create the Facebook pixel, click on the Set up button

facebook pixel

There is a good how to guide in creating a Facebook pixel. I strongly recommend you to see the video below before creating your Facebook pixel.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched your first Facebook advertising campaign! Now you only need to make sure to check up on it every day to see if everything is running smoothly (especially of you are doing split testing). Over time, you may want to think about tweaking subtle nuances like the placement of the image or trying out different headlines to see which ads convert better. But other than that, if you followed this Step by step guide to creating a Facebook Ad, chances are you’re well on your way to social media marketing success.

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