SEO Starter Guide 2020

SEO Starter Guide 2020


Things You Should Know About Google SEO Starter Guide. Google has continued to prove itself in providing useful and efficient resources to businesses and bloggers. It has successfully kept its number one position as the hub for any info. One of their pioneer products is the SEO marketing platform. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most people would have heard about it or stumbled on it while surfing the internet. However, this article is specially written for those who have no idea of what it means or how it works. It will also benefit those who are still trying to wrap their fingers around the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

This article is aimed at guiding you on how to employ SEO marketing to your business and blogging efficiently. At the end of this article, you would learn how to improve your internet presence and get your website to the right people.


What exactly is SEO?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing tool created by Google. This tool helps you get traffic via natural, free, editorial and organic web searches. It presents your page to search engines as one worthy to be displayed in Google’s index. Google works with a mathematical formula known as an algorithm. This algorithm assigns a score to every search conducted on Google to ascertain which websites are most relevant to the search query.




When a search is made on Google, Google BOTS and crawlers search for Web pages that contain the search term that was used, then assign a rank to each webpage based on several ranking factors i.e. backlinks, header tags, title, keyword density, etc. The higher a webpage is ranked by the crawlers (algorithm), the further up it will appear in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In other words, the best websites are technically the first ones that Google list — returns when a search query is made.




The Authority, Quality, and Trust of a website are metrics that determine how a website will perform on SERPs.


Quality: If the content on your website as well as the websites that link to your site are of high quality, then your site stands a great chance of being returned in SERPs for its niche keyword. Google is interested in websites that offer great value to internet users/searchers. Assuming you have an eCommerce web store for selling pieces of jewelry, and part of the services you offer is let your customers design their own necklaces or earrings. If you are the only one that offers these services online (unique). There is a great chance that Google will rank your website better than your competitors.


Trust: This is another essential metric. If your website does not have real content,  contains harmful and malicious content, or it has bad reviews from users or customers, etc. Your site could be considered as a spam site. Consequently, you will rank poorly on the SEO algorithm. To improve your trust score, you can connect with other websites that have a good reputation (i.e., sites with good high authority).


Authority: Your domain (website) authority (DA) is tells search engines how important and popular your site is on the internet. Popularity will improve your rank in the algorithm. You can improve your site’s DA by linking to other high authority, trusted and relevant sites. More so, increase engagement (social mentions) on social networks.


Things You Should Know About Google SEO Starter Guide


There are fundamental things you must know in other to be successful in your SEO campaign.


It takes time


SEO marketing is not a get one-time-get-result type of thing. It involves a regular commitment to observing and making the campaign work for you. What ticks today may not be sufficient tomorrow, so you would have to be observant and ready to change tactics when it calls for it (especially Google frequent algorithm updates). You must also realize that it takes time to start seeing tangible results especially when your website is new.


Use targeted keywords


The purpose of using targeted keywords in improving your ranking on SERPs cannot be overlooked. It is necessary to do keyword research to help you determine what words to use. There are free keywords research tools that you can work with if you are on a budget.


Watch out for those title tags


Your content title is as prestigious as the keywords you use. It may not contain your brand name but should include at least one of your keywords. This will help your site to be found quickly by search engines. Your titles should be concise and not wordy, apart from being SEO friendly, it encourages your reader to view your content. Your title should be more emotional than formal; this is to help you connect with your reader personally. Meta tags don’t serve many purposes today in SEO, however, they do help in increasing your click-through rate if done properly.


Positioning is key


When using SEO for marketing, it is not just important to use targeted keywords; it is also vital to place your keywords in the right places. It is essential that the keywords used should appear naturally in the first two paragraphs of your article or content. Beware that you do not congest your content with too much of the selected keywords. This will do more harm than good for your website.


URL’s just have to be right


Your website’s URL plays a vital role in helping your site rank better. The reader should be able to tell what your site is about just from looking at its URL. Ensure your URL is precise, empathetic and uses at least one of your keywords. Remember too much use of keywords is dangerous. Readers tend to prefer URLs without too many complicated characters. The best URL structure to use is the post name if you are using WordPress.

Adelaide SEO Experts ClickBurst has shown in recent testing that rankings will diminish if your total URL exceeds 100 characters and that the optimal length is 50-60 characters. anchor Adelaide SEO Experts, link

Tips: When separating words, it is best to use hyphens.


Make rich snippets work for you


Although not mandatory, the use of precious snippets often enhances Search Engine Optimization.


Be careful of scrappers


Some people steal or copy your content to use as theirs, this technique is often known as web scraping. A website that uses scraped contents has been known to rank even better than the site where they scraped the content from. You can defend your site from web scrapers by embedding links that will lead back to your website. This helps because most scrapers rarely edit what they copy.


Know the ins and outs of SEO


Even if you employ the services of an SEO company, you should be well acquainted with what SEO entails. Become a diligent student in Search Engine Optimization. Take time to read and watch tutorials on how to maximize this marketing tool for the benefit of your site or business. A thorough knowledge of how the entire system works will help you enjoy all it has to offer to the fullest.


Invest in your website


The quality of your website is essential in proving to Google that your site is worth visiting. Invest in a great website design and configuration. Keep your website user-friendly and readable. Ensure that navigating around the website is not too complicated. Great user experience will draw in repeat visitors and even shares to your site. This, in turn, shows Google that your website is trustworthy and your contents are reliable. The contents on your site should be creatively constructed to keep your readers coming back and convert. Keep in mind that whatever your website offers is for humans, and it should be as humanely as possible.


Your content needs to click


Great content is one of your most important selling points. Good content will convince your site visitors that your site is trustworthy, thus, they will spend time on your site, share your contents and return —signaling to search engines (SEs) that your site is valuable and SEs will, in turn, rank your website on first pages of search results.


Make social media marketing your go-to


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now provide an excellent platform for content promotion. Ensure you make use of these networking tools. The traffic you generate through them also helps to promote your website ranking on the algorithm. Also considering the number of followers you will likely create from these links.


Work with multiple traffic sources


Do not depend entirely on Google to help drive traffic to your website. Yes, it is a useful tool, but it should not be used to do all the work. Make use of other sources of traffic like email marketing, paid traffic (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc). These are also useful tools for inbound marketing or generating traffic to your website.


Final Thoughts


I hope this article on things You Should Know About Google SEO Starter Guide has been valuable. The use of SEO marketing is not as complicated as it seems. With the help of online resources, one can quickly master this tool for efficiency. The great news is that this marketing system is quite affordable. You can easily track the progress of your SEO campaign performance frequently on Google algorithm by using Google Analytics (GA). You can improve the performance of your website with data/insights from GA.

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